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Demonstrative pronouns are an essential part of language that help us pinpoint specific items or ideas. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of demonstrative pronouns and how to use “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those” effectively in your everyday communication.

What Are Demonstrative Pronouns? Demonstrative pronouns are words used to replace or emphasize a specific noun. They indicate the proximity or distance between the speaker and the object they are referring to. There are four main demonstrative pronouns in English:

This: Used to indicate something close to the speaker.

That: Used to indicate something farther from the speaker.

These: Used to indicate multiple things close to the speaker.

Those: Used to indicate multiple things farther from the speaker.


Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns:

1. This is my favorite book on the shelf.

2.  I want to buy that dress in the store window.

3. These are the cookies I baked yesterday.

4. Can you pass me those pencils?

Usage Tips:

Use “This” and “These” for Proximity: When referring to objects or ideas near you, use “this” for singular and “these” for plural.

This book is fascinating.

These books are fascinating.

Use “That” and “Those” for Distance: When referring to objects or ideas farther away, use “that” for singular and “those” for plural.

That mountain is majestic.

Those mountains are majestic.

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